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Volume 53, Issue 0

March 2020

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A Pittsburgh Area Mineral, Fossil, & Lapidary Club

Monongahela Rockhounds

President's Message


I have missed everyone! Unfortunately, I will also miss the March meeting as I will be traveling. I look forward to seeing you all at the April meeting. March, as always, is my month to try and organize my minerals. While getting ready for the show, I plan to sort through my fluorite collection. I have gotten to the point where I forget what locations I have already acquired specimens from. I have been trying to find fluorite from as many US locales as possible. That’s not to say that I do not collect fluorite from outside the states, it has just been a lot of fun to see what I could collect from the US. Of course, I have a lot from Illinois, my favorite location, but I have managed to acquire a wide variety from out West (California, New Mexico, Arizona...) as well. I have a nice little Elmwood, TN collection and am building an interesting collection from Connecticut. I look forward to when I can reschedule my talk and share a little bit about my love of fluorite and some pictures from my collection!

Happy Rock Hunting,

Last Month's Newsletter - February 2020
March 2020 Meeting
RSVP Closed
• Presentation on the “Shanghai Oriental Geological Museum” by Frank D. • "Rock of the Month" will be Copper Minerals • Hosts will be Keri & Robin
Mar 07, 2020, 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST
Munhall Borough Building,
1900 West St, Munhall, PA 15120, USA

Monongahela Rockhounds

Meeting Minutes

1 February 2020

By Gerry Gagorik

  • Johanna was ill so Bret Howard did an impromptu presentation on Agates and Tony asked various club members about their favorite minerals.

  • Next month Johanna will do her presentation.

  • Rock of the Month for March will be copper minerals.

  • Thank you to June & Bret, Frank & Carol and Angelle for hosting the refreshments.

  • Hosts for March will be Keri & Robin.

  • Show & Tell for February was Agate:

    • Rosemary presented a variety of Agates and Jasper from Madagascar.

    • Gwen presented an opalized Ammonite, Red Agate pendants and Agate slices.

    • Bret presented a variety of Agate slices and specimens.

    • John W, presented the best of John’s collection as he is leaving the area. This included self-collected Emeralds from North Carolina, Walworth specimens as well as lapidary arts pieces and facets.

    • Gerry G showed 2 pieces of sliced Agate, boulder Agate with 1 side polished.

  • We had 1 new member: Matt Sepico.

  • Business Meeting

    • Bret presented a report on the upcoming club show April 18 & 19, 2020. Presently we will have 10 dealers.

    • Next Month we will have more details plus sign up sheets. We will discuss if the club will once again provide vouchers for club members.

    • Tony presented the Treasurer’s report.

    • For next month’s newsletter Robert Fraser will try to write an article.


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Monongahela Rockhounds
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Mission Statement

  • To promote, among its members and the general public, an interest in collection of minerals, fossils, and associated items.

  • To promote their use in lapidary work.

  • To promote the study and classification of minerals, gem stones and other items of such nature.


  • Member: Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc.

  • Member: American Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc.

Meeting Location
Munhall Borough Building
20th Ave. & West Street
Munhall, PA 15120

General Information

​Club Officers

President Johanna Burnett

1st Vice-President Bret Howard

2nd Vice-President Debbie Braddock

Treasurer Tony Orzano

Record Secretary Debbie Thompson

Silent Auction

Debbie Braddock

Board of Directors

June Epp
Donald Laufer
Frank DeWinter


Webmaster Emmalyn Ilagan


Newsletter Editor Frank DeWinter

We normally meet the first Saturday of every month from September through June at 7:30 pm, in the Munhall Borough Building for a presentation, business meeting and a chance to socialize. There is a major focus on the younger members of our club with portions of the meeting specifically for school aged children.

Our next meeting will be on

Saturday, March 7, 2020.

The April meeting will be on the 4th.

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