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  • The Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc.

    • “A non-profit devoted to the study of geology, minerals, earth sciences, and the practice of the lapidary arts and related crafts in the eastern portion of the United States.”

  • American Federation of Mineralogical Societies

    • “A non-profit educational federation of seven similar regional organizations of gem, mineral, and lapidary societies.”

    • Future Rockhounds of America

      • An AFMS program providing activities to foster kids’ interest in gem, mineral, and lapidary related fields.

      • FRA




  • Bob’s Rock Shop

    • “Content and Connectivity for Rockhounds.”

    • A non-commercial internet zine about covering all aspects of the rockhounding hobby.

  • The Mineralogical Record

    • “A mineral collector's knowledge base--a wealth of information at your fingertips!”



  • The Pittsburgh Geological Society

    • “A non-profit society of professional geologists, student geologists, teachers of geology and earth science, and those interested in geology.”

  • Pennsylvania Geological Survey

    • DCNR (Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) Bureau of Geological Survey.

    • A state-sponsored group gathering geological data.

  • Headwaters Lapidary

    • “Learn How to Cut Gems”

    • Offers lapidary services and lessons in faceting and cabbing gemstones into finished pieces.

  • GPAA

    • Gold Prospector's Association of America

  • Dry Dredgers

    • “The oldest, continuously-operating fossil club in North America.”

  • AMFS Clubs per State

    • If you’re not in the Pittsburgh, PA region, find a mineral club near you (in th USA)!

  • EFMLS Clubs by Map

    • If you’re not in the Pittsburgh, PA region, find a mineral club near you (in the Eastern USA Region)!

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