Volume 53 - Issue 7 - September 2020

Updated: May 6

Monongahela Rockhounds

A Pittsburgh Area Mineral, Fossil, & Lapidary Club

The Monongahela Rockhound News is a Monthly Publication of the

Monongahela Rockhounds,

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Volume 53, Issue 7,

September 2020

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Editor’s Message

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is well. I am finally getting out the September newsletter, over a week later than planned. That seems to characterize the last 6 months in society, where little goes as planned.

First for the required information. There will be no September meeting of the Monongahela Rockhounds. So, if you were wondering if it was going to be September 5th or 12th, it well be neither. Due to Covid 19 concerns that many people have, it was decided by board members to cancel the meeting. We will provide information ahead of the October meeting, if that will occur, as well if the alternative date for the Monongahela Rock club sale/show will take place.

There has been a lot of change since we last met in person. All of us have dealt with the present Pandemic, changing social issues, health concerns and isolation differently. I know people who have socially isolated, quite happily for 6 months, with seeing no one in that time. Others, after the first month went back to their pre-Covid life completely except for the occasional mask. We each need to decide what is best for us. What I am comfortable with will never be the same as you. This though brings up the question about what do we want the Monongahela Rock Club to be for us, until “normal” returns this fall or who knows, maybe next fall.

Johanna had suggested in the June Newsletter we could consider a Zoom on-line meeting in place of our in person meeting. There was little response positive or negative. When it was suggested for the September meeting to several people there were a couple of negative responses and no positive. I understand that as an electronic presentation on your computer, with no personal interaction, no auction, no giveaways for the kids and no refreshments (especially Rich’s famous cheesecake), just does not meet what we are used to.

NOW, what do you, our members want? If we continue with no meetings in person or electronic, limited communication etc, until we can meet in person, the club may loose relevance. Most organizations have tried to reinvent themselves, some successfully. This month I have added extra content to the newsletter to see if anyone would like that. If we want more in the newsletters though we need more people submitting articles, contests etc. Remember a successful article may interest only a few people or many. For myself it is more interesting, to read something that triggers a thought, or makes me laugh, than to read the new bestselling novel. Is anyone interested in a Zoom on-line meeting? At our regular Saturday meeting time, or another time? Show your latest creation? Demonstrate something in your workshop? Something not possible at the Munhall building. Tell us about a trip related to our hobby either on Zoom or in writing. Other ideas? Many of our members have joined in the last couple of years and have not had the chance to share. You may have felt you are not the experts that Don or Bret or Tony or Deb are, so you sit quietly. Now is the time to speak up. Please email back to me any ideas we could consider.




Editor’s Note

I am presently trying to find as many of our old newsletters as possible and create .PDF files for a historical base of the club. Possibly putting them up on our new website once it is complete. I think I have everything back as far as January 2006, but nothing older. Do any of you have any of the older newsletters, ideally electronic form but I can work with paper copies as well? Thanks,


September 2020 Meeting

CANCELLED to comply with the state mandates for COVID-19. If all goes well, we look forward to seeing everyone happy and healthy at the October meeting! Take care and stay safe, everyone.